Varmint Hunts

Predominately we shoot Black Tail Prairie Dogs and Richardson Ground Squirrels, but we often have opportunities on badger, coyote, raccoon, porcupine and skunks.  Our varmint hunters have 1000’s of acres of prairie dogs and gophers to choose from.  We shoot off benches that are extremely stable and we are equipped to assist you shooting out to 2000 yards.  These hunts are generally three day hunts in mid-May to June or mid-August to September.

  • 100,000 Acres of Private Land.
  • Virtually 100% success on all Big Game Hunts
  • No extra trophy fee.
  • Hunts are based on personal attention, consideration and service.
  • Montana hunt with memories to draw you back again and again.
  • 1000's Acres of Praire Dogs