Rules and Regulations

Chase’n Access members and non-members will be required to sign a liability release before access is allowed.

Chase’n Access has the right to cancel a membership for any FWP violation or law infraction.

No outfitter or guides (resident or non resident, other than Chase Hill Outfitters) are allowed to guide members of access for hunting on our access for hunting area.

We reserve the right to deny membership or access for any reason to any non-member that we deem necessary for any reason.


Terms and Conditions

  • All hunts are self-guided
  • 59 dollar membership fee
  • Each member of Chase’n Access will receive dates based on first come first serve
  • All access opportunities will be based on members being successful on drawing a Montana Area 680 sheep tag
  • All members will be provided with a GPS/map of area
  • All members will be allowed one non-hunter to accompany them, additional non-hunters will be allowed at 250 per day
  • Chase’n Access has the right to deny access to non-hunter for any reason
  • Additional days can be added at 250 per day
  • May be upgraded to a fully guided hunt
  • You must be a member of Chase’n Access prior to the Montana FWP drawing (June 17, 2013) to qualify for access. Forms and applications will be accepted with a postmark of June 16
  • SUPER TAG –YOU CAN STILL APPLY FOR THE SUPER TAG, ENDS JULY 5TH, AND YOU CAN STILL GET YOUR CHASE’N ACESS MEMBERSHIP prior to the Super Tag drawing IF APPLIED FOR BY JULY 14 (JULY 15 DRAWING) you may hunt the 2013 season with your super tag. However if you do not draw a super tag, your membership will be in good standing for the 2014 hunting GENERAL DRAWING. (YEAR MEMBERSHIP, NOT TO INCLUDE TWO ANNUAL DRAWINGS)
  • Governor’s Tag recipient is not eligible

  • Ewe Tags do not qualify

  • Outfitters and guides are not allowed to guide Chase’n Access members

  • You must be a member prior to the Montana Dept of Fish Wildlife and Parks special sheep drawing for your membership to be honored

  • We will furnish you with a map of all access for hunting area
  • Each applicant must have their own membership and must be Chase’n Access member prior to the drawing to be eligible for access